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  • I am Melissa Butler, a New York based photographer.
    *All images © Melissa Butler unless otherwise stated.*
  • Usually I don’t get to see any snow until I go home to Rochester for Christmas..loving this weather!
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  • These are three locations for three new images that I shot for my Slow Wave series.
The first, of Ryan Loewy, is a park in Connecticut.  Ryan was the beginning of this series, which I started out shooting digital for.  Since I now only shoot film, primarily 4x5, I decided to reshoot the ones that I shot digitally.  So this image will replace the old one of him.  I visited Ryan at his house in CT this Monday and Tuesday.  We drove around for awhile looking for a good location for this image and there were so many great places in his hometown of Brookfield.  When we drove past this park, I knew it was perfect.  The scene was so dynamic, and the weather added a really interesting element to the photo.
The third, of Jeffrae Earley, is near a park in West Babylon, NY.  Jeffrae is the first older adult I’ve shot for this series.  I just recently decided to expand the subjects to more than just people around my age, and Jeffrae was the lucky first.  Every time I’ve driven to her house, I’ve looked at this location and really wanted to use it for this series, which I finally got to tonight.
The second is in a place called Washingtonville, NY.  A filmmaker and good friend of mine, Pete Macaluso, recently started up a gallery called The Pedestrian and is now working to bring back the Washingtonville Art Society.  He’s a very talented filmmaker with a lot of really great ideas and ambitions.  So when I went to a meeting for the Washingtonville Art Society this past Tuesday, I asked Pete if he’d be willing to pose for a photo.  Being a huge supporter of the arts, he of course said yes.  This one’s gonna be great.

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